Kari Puff Abe Yus

Taste superb and with only one bite, will get you hooked for a lifetime!


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A product that has a history and track record of 32 years and have garnered millions of fans!

Kari Potato Chicken Puff with egg truly is a superb solid products.

With 3 different type of potatoes and our secret spices and seasoning and a proprietary puff pastry making techniques! Thus the outcome is a very delicious, wholesome and flavourful Kari Puff! Not an ordinary Puff at all!


Licensee that are looking to run their businesses in a hands-on fashion because they want to take advantage of that desire for business success.

In buying a licensed business, you are investing in a proven and fine-tuned business blueprint. It is, therefore, important that licensee are willing to work within the confines of the licensor successful systems and procedures.

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Financial records that are cleaned and in good shape, have some cash in hand and also some assets will be ideal.

Good communicator, a people's people character and some minimum managing experience of 3 to 5 staffs will be ideal.

Chicken Potato Curry Puff with Egg

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